Halloween Treats Recipe Links

Halloween Treat Recipe’s

Hey KIds Recipe fans! Are your kids wishing that every day was Halloween?

As someone who thinks that Halloween food is the best food, I’m thinking that there is no reason why you can’t eat it year round. What do you think? I couldn’t help but notice that the Halloween or Fall Festival decorations are already in the retail stores… WAY TO SOON! But it did get me thinking on all the great treads that I found so far this year.  Just thought that I would share some of them with you.

Now let’s quit yakin’ and cut to the sweet tasty crunch:

Candy Corn:




Cakes and Cookies:


Candy and Snacks:





Don’t forget, we also have some really great kid friendly recipes on the FreeKidsRecipes.com site too!

Wes and Kathy

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